- Heavy Cover Bass
- Smallmouth Strategies
- River Walleye
- Saric's Musky Weapons
- Slab Crappies



- Advanced smallmouth Teachniques
- Spring In Silver Bass 
- Toads in the Trees
- Channel Cats Galore
- Soft plastics for Mega Muskie
- Downtown River Browns



-Walleye wonder baits
-Northern Pike on spinners
-Top Water Muskies
-Essex County Walleye
-Jerkbait Pike
-Clear Water Smallmouth Bass



-Shallow water bigmouth Bass
-jigging for Lake Trout
-Monster Muskies
-Summertime Steelhead
-Springtime Pike on Plastics
-Tube jig Tactics



- Ultimate Fishing Annual



Canada's Tournament Angler
Wacky Worms- Better than live bait?
Smalljaws Vs Buckets
Canada's Heavyweights
Ways to Win
Spot Snatchers
Choosing the right Tournament Circuit for You!

The Ultimate Fishing Annual 2004


Fishing for Giant Bass
Slop Gritters
Finesse bass tactics that work
Fall Bucketmouths on weedlines
Fishing to win

The Ultimate Fishing Annual 2004


Muskies galore
Big bass in heavy cover
Smallmouths from the depths
Jumbo yellow perch in springtime

The Ultimate Fishing Annual 2004


The Pro Planer Board Troll for Walleyes
Spoon Fed Northern Pike
Weedline Largemouths
Smallmouth In the Deep
Monster Largemouths Love Trees

The Ultimate Fishing Annual 2003


Hawg Hutting Huge Bass
Walleye Jigging Tactics
Drift & Drag- Smallmouths
Rat Attack Bassin’
Northern Pike-thru the seasons

The Ultimate Fishing Annual 2002


Strictly Big Fish Tactics- Muskie & Pike
Trolling Tricks For Huge Walleyes
Topwater Smallmouths
Summer Bass – Where & How
Heavy Cover Bass


The 2012 EXTREME ANGLER ANNUAL Hits the Newsstands in May 2012!!

For over Seventeen years Pro Angler Outdoor publications has produced one of Canada’s most popular all-fishing publications, the Ultimate Fishing Annual, which was designed and created specifically for Canadian anglers. We are entering our seventh season of producing the ever increasingly popular television show, Extreme Angler TV. In order to leverage two highly recognizable and leading edge brands in the Canadian fishing market, we have combined the branding of our popular media outlets to create an even stronger brand presence. Look for Canada’s EXTREME ANGLER Annual in May 2010.

This multi-species special edition will continue to feature editorial contributions by some of Canada’s best anglers. As always, the articles will be written in a down-to-earth, easy to understand format that our readers/anglers can relate to and have become accustomed to. Anglers will share their expertise on how to find bigger fish, how to catch bigger fish and what are some of the best products to use to catch bigger fish. Best of all, their expertise will be applicable to our home waters and climate. Written by Canadians for Canadians!

The EXTREME ANGLER Annual… jammed packed with news you can use. And of course, just enough gossip, views, rumors and controversy to keep the pot stirred!


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